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Five Questions a Feasibility Study Should Answer

October 02, 2017

by Angela White

Some time ago, I recorded a short video interview on why we advocate feasibility studies at JGA, and I find that those reasons continue to hold true.

Conducting a feasibility study prior to a campaign is a common and proven way to gauge what level of support may be achieved in a campaign and what strategies should be employed – not only to achieve a financial goal but, perhaps as importantly, to build both unity and momentum for organizational success. 


A feasibility study provides the opportunity for your current and prospective lead donors to dream big, to think through what the future will look like for your organization, and to share how they see themselves participating in that future.

Here are some questions a good feasibility study should help you answer.

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Role Play the Donor Relationship, Not Just the Ask

December 23, 2014

So, I have been on a soapbox lately about a practice that we fundraisers often do – we role play the “ask” meeting. You know the drill – pair off and one of you be the donor and the other the solicitor. Then switch. Then debrief.

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JGA Celebrates 20 Years Serving Philanthropy

April 09, 2014

It is hard for me to believe it was 20 years ago this April that Johnson, Grossnickle and Associates was born through a newly formed partnership between founders Don Johnson and Ted Grossnickle. I had the honor of being the first additional consultant to join the team in 1996.

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Are You Million Dollar Ready?

December 10, 2013


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Benefits of a Strong Planned Giving Program

December 19, 2012

by Melanie Norton

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The Trustee’s Role in Fundraising

August 25, 2011

by Ted Grossnickle


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JGA’s New Leader is the Right Person at the Right Time

June 01, 2011

by Ted Grossnickle

Today is a day to which I’ve looked forward for over a year.

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The Importance of Good Stewardship

April 09, 2010

by Meg Gammage-Tucker

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