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Five Questions a Feasibility Study Should Answer

October 02, 2017

by Angela White

Some time ago, I recorded a short video interview on why we advocate feasibility studies at JGA, and I find that those reasons continue to hold true.

Conducting a feasibility study prior to a campaign is a common and proven way to gauge what level of support may be achieved in a campaign and what strategies should be employed – not only to achieve a financial goal but, perhaps as importantly, to build both unity and momentum for organizational success. 


A feasibility study provides the opportunity for your current and prospective lead donors to dream big, to think through what the future will look like for your organization, and to share how they see themselves participating in that future.

Here are some questions a good feasibility study should help you answer.

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Best Feasibility Study Questions to Generate Authentic Donor Feedback

March 02, 2016

A feasibility study, in JGA’s view, is active campaigning and is an integral part of the cultivation and involvement process of major donors and prospects.

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Four Keys to An Effective Feasibility Study

December 03, 2015

After 19 years of consulting, the feasibility study process is still the most rewarding work that I do at JGA. We are honored that so many esteemed nonprofit organizations trust JGA to step into key donor relationships and assist in strengthening donor bonds that advance their missions.

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Feasibility Study Best Practice: Enhance Your Study with Broader Input

October 20, 2015

A feasibility study is an excellent means to gather input from key constituents for a potential campaign or major gift initiative. Most studies include individual conversations with a number of key donors and prospects to gauge both their interest in the proposed initiatives and their inclination to support them financially. But, there is also an opportunity to dig deeper and learn what a broader group of your constituents think as well if you add some additional feasibility study components.

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Feasibility Study Best Practice - Appoint an Advisory Committee

September 23, 2015

Undertaking a feasibility study is active capital campaigning and is an integral part of the cultivation and involvement process of major donors and prospects. Ensuring your feasibility study has the proper guidance and support from the top is key to success.

One of the feasibility study best practices that JGA recommends to our clients is to recruit and engage an Advisory Committee to guide the work and progress of the study. They can help build buy-in and support for the study among leadership, staff, and key volunteers.
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Are You Ready for a Campaign Feasibility Study?

January 14, 2015

Campaigns are often preceded by a feasibility study. It’s a common and proven way to gauge what level of philanthropic support may be achieved in a campaign and what strategy will help ensure the success of a campaign.

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5 Tips for Conducting Feasibility Interviews

May 23, 2014

by Lee Ernst


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Art in Practice: The Feasibility Study Interview

October 04, 2013


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The Mechanics of a Feasibility Study

August 07, 2013

by Ted Grossnickle


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Whistling in the Dark Before a Campaign

June 13, 2013

by Ted Grossnickle


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