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Good Stewardship is the Key to Donor Retention

January 31, 2018

Have you looked at your overall and new donor retention rates lately? If your organization is like most other nonprofit organizations, there is ample room for improvement.  According to the 2017 Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (AFP) 2017 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey Report, the average overall donor retention rate for the nearly 11,000 nonprofits participating in the study was 45%. The average new donor retention rate was 23%. 

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As noted in the AFP report, for the past 10 years, the average overall donor retention rate has been less than 50%.

How can your organization move the needle on donor retention?  A good place to start is with donor stewardship.

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Using Events for Donor Cultivation & Stewardship

February 12, 2016

I’ve spent a good deal of my career thinking about events and how to best use them in successful development programs. I’ve worked for organizations where key special events serve as the base of their philanthropic outreach.

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Using Naming Rights in Fundraising

January 19, 2016

A common practice among nonprofit organizations -- the offering of naming opportunities to donors – is seemingly receiving increased scrutiny. In the past fifteen months, for example, The New York Times featured an op-ed article on revising the way tax law treats naming rights and The Wall Street Journal ran a story on how naming rights can go wrong, focusing on a legal battle over a gift made by country singer Garth Brooks.

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Donor-Advised Funds: What Nonprofits Should Know

August 06, 2015

Donor-advised funds (DAF) continue to be a popular way for individual donors to manage their philanthropy. DAFs are not a passing trend and are, in fact, here to stay. According to the 2014 Donor-Advised Fund Report, issued by National Philanthropic Trust, as of 2013, more than 217,000 DAFs had been established, which is a 34 percent increase in just seven years. In that same year, DAFs granted $9.66 billion to charitable organizations, and more than $17 billion was contributed into these funds.

With this in mind, it is important to understand the basics about DAFs to better prepare your organization to work with individuals who have DAFs.

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Have You Hugged Your Donors Lately? A Lesson in Stewardship from Dogs

December 17, 2014

My friend Marti Healy writes a bi-weekly column for a South Carolina community newspaper. Recently she wrote about the dog version of hugging – leaning – and how we humans have a lot to learn from dogs about “well-timed, good and proper” hugging.

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Leading by Example

February 11, 2014

by Angela White


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The Joy of Giving

December 19, 2013

by Dan Schipp


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Strong Stewardship is the Foundation of Effective Fundraising

August 29, 2013

by Kris Kindelsperger


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Do you have a button for that?

November 14, 2012

by Angela White


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Leveraging Special Events

October 18, 2012


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