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Madam C.J. Walker and the AME Roots of her Gospel of Giving

December 10, 2020

We are pleased to offer this guest blog post by Tyrone McKinley Freeman, Ph.D. If you would like to learn more about Madam C.J. Walker and the tradition of Black philanthropy, listen to the webinar which we recently recorded with Dr. Freeman, Madam C.J. Walker's Gospel of Giving: Insights on the Past, Present, and Future of African American Generosity.

By Tyrone McKinley Freeman, Ph.D. 

In 1914, Walker told a local Indianapolis Freeman newspaper interviewer about the joy she experienced in giving to others. “She takes great stock in the theory that the Lord loves a cheerful giver,” observed the writer following their conversation. But Walker was not simply invoking II Corinthians 9:7, she was expressing deeply rooted convictions grounded in her faith commitment to the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. In fact, Walker’s religious identity had a significant impact on her philanthropy.

As I write in my book, Madam C.J. Walker’s Gospel of Giving: Black Women’s Philanthropy during Jim Crow (University of Illinois, 2020), the AME Church played a powerful role in the transformation story of how this Black woman rose from a southern cotton plantation to live a life of faith and generosity that continues to inspire 100 years later. Walker’s early experiences in the AME Church excited her moral imagination, and guided much of her philanthropy for the rest of her life.

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How Women and Men Approach Impact Investing

May 24, 2018

Impact investing is a rapidly growing field – one that's important for nonprofit fundraisers to understand. As more people see impact investing as a way to advance social change, how will this influence the philanthropic sector? Do nonprofits need to adjust or evolve their donor engagement strategies as impact investing continues to gain steam?

As a relatively new practice, there is not yet much research regarding how people use impact investing, and even less research connecting the fields of impact investing and philanthropy. A new report from the Women's Philanthropy Institute – "How Women and Men Approach Impact Investing" – is among the first to explore this connection through a gender lens. It includes a number of key insights for nonprofit organizations to consider, including:

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Identifying Major Gift Donors: 6 Prospect Research Data Types to Study

July 25, 2016

Looking for strategies to identify major gift donors? We’ve asked Bill Tedesco with DonorSearch to provide some insights and he shares that prospect research is a great place to start.

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New Approach to Leadership Training

October 10, 2014


I recently read an article in the Economist suggesting that companies use great classic books to train their upcoming senior management as an alternative to the almost cliché, outward-bound style experiences.

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Critical Role of Unrestricted Giving

October 02, 2014

In today’s world, we are offered choices at every turn. Do we buy vanilla ice cream or chocolate or one of 53 other flavors? Do we choose to watch a movie, a home improvement show, or a sports event on TV?

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Importance of Financial Projections for Nonprofits

September 24, 2014

When organizations look to the future, one of the first documents worked on is usually a strategic plan. While the strategic plan gives the organization a road map to get from where it is to where it would like to be, don’t overlook the importance of financial projections as well.

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Recognizing One of the Very Best

September 17, 2014

Last week, my colleagues Angela White, Dan Schipp and I attended a dinner in Indianapolis to recognize a true leader in the field of philanthropy. Dr. Eugene Tempel will retire early in 2015 as Founding Dean of the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. The evening was a very special one with many attendees and several speakers. The announcement of an endowed Deanship for the School in Gene’s name was both surprising and highly appropriate.

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3 Key Factors to Create a Culture of Philanthropy

September 03, 2014

JGA regularly works with clients seeking to build organization-wide ownership of their development programs. It’s a challenge many not-for-profits face.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge

August 28, 2014

As I write this, thousands of people across the nation are taking the ice bucket challenge. Perhaps you have been one of the participants called out by your friend, colleague, or even son or daughter! At our house, our boys have found joy in calling out their friends and parents.

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Mapping Your Organization's Future with a Strategic Plan

August 20, 2014

A Strategic Plan is a road map to lead an organization from where it is now to where it would like to be in the future. It must be flexible, practical, written, and simple.

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