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The President’s Role in a Campaign: 10 Key Responsibilities

May 29, 2015

Presidential involvement is a crucial component of campaign success | A campaign will likely be one of the most important undertakings of a presidency and can transform an institution. The following list outlines the president’s top responsibilities in ensuring campaign success.

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Defining Greatness in Fundraising

May 15, 2015

JGA recently sponsored the AFP Indiana Chapter Spring Conference. Dr. Adrian Sargeant, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, was the keynote speaker and spoke on the topic of Great Fundraising. He asked leading fundraisers and fundraising consultants how they define greatness in fundraising.

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Critical Role of Gift Policies

April 30, 2015

Are all “gifts” created equal? We generally say that it takes all types of gifts to move an organization forward and we want to make our donors feel as good as we can about their intent to make a gift in support of the organization.

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3 Key Communication Elements Every Nonprofit Should Maximize

April 09, 2015

Today’s organizations recognize the importance of good external and internal communications and how these efforts benefit fundraising efforts. Though organizational communications may seem intuitive, it is helpful to review distinct elements of successful communications to ensure your organization is maximizing its good work.

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Set New Employees Up to Succeed

March 05, 2015

While at a client’s office several months ago, I was introduced to one of their new Advancement staff members. This person was both experienced and eager to get underway in their new work. The Vice President who had searched for and found this person is savvy, strategic, hard-working and good at setting and hitting goals.

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Charitable Registrations -- Are You In Compliance?

December 04, 2014

We work in a rapidly evolving field. And one aspect of that evolution – Charitable Solicitation Registration – has become increasingly important. It is essential that we stay informed and up to date regarding it. It is our sense that many nonprofits are either not in compliance or are very uncertain about how to comply.

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Nonprofit Salary Report Provides Insight on Staff Retention Challenges

October 16, 2014

It’s a question I hear frequently. It’s raised by nonprofit board members, volunteers, chief executive officers, and program staff alike. It’s one for which there isn’t a simple answer. But it’s a critical question for any nonprofit organization – How can we do a better job of retaining staff members?

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New Approach to Leadership Training

October 10, 2014


I recently read an article in the Economist suggesting that companies use great classic books to train their upcoming senior management as an alternative to the almost cliché, outward-bound style experiences.

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3 Key Factors to Create a Culture of Philanthropy

September 03, 2014

JGA regularly works with clients seeking to build organization-wide ownership of their development programs. It’s a challenge many not-for-profits face.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge

August 28, 2014

As I write this, thousands of people across the nation are taking the ice bucket challenge. Perhaps you have been one of the participants called out by your friend, colleague, or even son or daughter! At our house, our boys have found joy in calling out their friends and parents.

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