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Fundraising to Pay Off Nonprofit Debt

August 20, 2015

Have you ever considered raising philanthropic funds to reduce or eliminate your organization’s debt?

Raising funds for debt relief is good in theory, but requires a specific approach to gain support from donors. A key to fundraising is aligning the needs of the organization with the philanthropic goals of your donors. Yet, paying off debt is not often high on a donor’s list of projects they want to support.

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2 Crucial Elements Influence Capital Campaign Success

July 17, 2015

In a recent luncheon conversation, a prospective client asked me, “What, more than anything else, influences the success of a capital campaign?”

A number of important factors quickly came to mind: a well-conceived and executed plan, outstanding institutional and volunteer leadership, great campaign counsel (like JGA, of course . . . just couldn’t resist!).  But as I reflected on the many campaigns in which I have been involved over the years, I told the inquirer two things stand out as being most influential. Donors_Vision_Puzzle_2

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Is Your Development Operation Road-Worthy? Time to Assess

July 07, 2015

If a client is just beginning to explore the notion of a feasibility study and an eventual campaign, JGA may offer what we call an Initial Assessment — better known internally as a “Kick the Tires” assessment. Just as an early 20th-century motorist might kick the tires of a new vehicle to determine the road-worthiness of its tires, it can be extremely important to do the same with a development department before it sets out on the challenging and winding road of a campaign.

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The President’s Role in a Campaign: 10 Key Responsibilities

May 29, 2015

Presidential involvement is a crucial component of campaign success | A campaign will likely be one of the most important undertakings of a presidency and can transform an institution. The following list outlines the president’s top responsibilities in ensuring campaign success.

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Developing Your Case for Support — Preparation is Everything!

March 23, 2015

JGA has the privilege of working with a diverse mix of nonprofit organizations and institutions to develop their preliminary cases for support. Though many clients may see this work as a chore, it is a key part of campaign planning that can significantly impact the success of your campaign. No pressure!

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Are You Ready for a Campaign Feasibility Study?

January 14, 2015

Campaigns are often preceded by a feasibility study. It’s a common and proven way to gauge what level of philanthropic support may be achieved in a campaign and what strategy will help ensure the success of a campaign.

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Key Elements to a Successful Day of Giving Campaign

March 20, 2014

by Lee Ernst


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Using Wealth Screening as a Campaign Tool

February 20, 2014

by Lee Ernst


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Lead Donors will Make or Break Your Campaign

November 06, 2013

by Kris Kindelsperger


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Art in Practice: The Feasibility Study Interview

October 04, 2013


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