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Andy Canada brings to JGA significant development experience focused in annual giving, planned giving, major gift development, and campaign development and implementation. During his successful career in development, Andy has had experience with large transformative campaigns, participating on the development teams during a $1.1B campaign at Indiana University and a $1.7B campaign at Purdue University.

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Giving USA 2017: Implications for Healthcare

August 29, 2017

Giving USA is a valuable resource for nonprofits, providing not only a snapshot on giving for the last year, but additional insight into longitudinal trends and sector-specific giving. We've taken a look at implications for higher education nonprofits a few weeks ago and now would like to share with you some insights on trends uncovered in the data on healthcare philanthropy.


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How Does Your Fundraising Measure Up? Improve Performance with a Development Audit

May 23, 2017

A development audit is a great “barometer” to measure the capabilities of your development office and to establish goals and strategies for future success. This internal assessment is a rare opportunity to get a fresh perspective on a strong development program and can allow you to pause and take stock of how things are going and what resources may be needed to move forward and produce even better results. Development audits can also help solidify an organization’s philanthropic focus by ensuring board, staff, and all areas of the organization are working together and embrace a unified culture of philanthropy. Often, organizations seek such an assessment of internal readiness in preparation for a new campaign or as a strategic planning process begins.

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Giving USA 2016 and the Implications for Healthcare Fundraising

October 06, 2016

According to Giving USA 2016, total charitable giving in the United States grew by 4.1 percent to $373.25 billion in 2015. This marks the highest total amount given in the 40 years Giving USA has tracked this data, both in current dollars and adjusted for inflation.

A few weeks ago we looked at the implications for higher education from the Giving USA data. This week we will focus in on the health sector and look at the implications of this latest giving data for healthcare philanthropy.

The good news for health organizations is that the $29.81 billion dollars given to such causes in 2015 is the highest total that subsector has ever received in current dollars – slightly surpassing the previous high water mark from 2014 of $29.43 billion. In comparison to other subsectors of recipient organizations, however, health organizations are struggling to capitalize on the recovering economy and expanded charitable giving.

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7 Tips to Keep Momentum During a Capital Campaign

August 10, 2016

Capital campaigns are an important tool in raising funds for nonprofits. In fact, 20% of higher education institutions reported that being in a fundraising campaign helped them raise between 176% - 200% more funds. It’s no wonder then that in the first half of 2015 approximately 46% of nonprofits were in a campaign, up from 11% in 2011.

While a campaign can be a crucial initiative for moving an organization forward, the reality is that the vast majority of campaigns experience a period – or sometimes multiple periods – of time when they seem to lose steam. 

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5 Key Steps for Capital Campaign Planning

May 17, 2016

Conducting a capital campaign can be one of the most exciting and transformational activities that an organization can undertake. The funds raised through the campaign can allow you to bring to life the vision and aspirations identified in your strategic plan and position your organization to fulfil its mission for years to come. 

However, the excitement around the actual campaign can sometimes overshadow the realities. All campaigns come with some risk and require organizations to stretch to reach new levels. Proper campaign planning can minimize those risks and demonstrate to current and prospective donors the organization is a good investment and will be a good steward of their dollars.

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Taking the Fear Out of Board Fundraising with Board Training

April 21, 2016

Helping board members understand the importance of fundraising for your nonprofit organization is important, as I shared in my last blog 3 Steps to Creating a Stronger Board Fundraising Culture. However, even once board members realize the crucial role fundraising plays at an organization, not every board member is going to be comfortable soliciting gifts. Overcome.jpg

Here are some tips to help your entire board become more comfortable engaging in fundraising:

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3 Steps to Creating a Stronger Board Fundraising Culture

April 07, 2016

What board member doesn’t love thinking about fundraising on behalf of your organization? Just kidding. I am guessing maybe you have a few that don’t jump out of bed excited to pick up the phone and set up appointments with their network of contacts to talk about your organization.

In a perfect world, every board member would be eager and excited to cultivate, solicit, and steward gifts for the organizations that they serve, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

So, how do we help our board members clearly understand the role of the board in fundraising?  In the first of this two-part board fundraising blog series, I’ll provide tips on creating a board culture that understands the importance of fundraising. Then, next week I will outline ways to engage every board member in a fundraising role to support the organization.

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Recent Capital Campaign Trends in Education

November 13, 2015
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Fundraising to Pay Off Nonprofit Debt

August 20, 2015

Have you ever considered raising philanthropic funds to reduce or eliminate your organization’s debt?

Raising funds for debt relief is good in theory, but requires a specific approach to gain support from donors. A key to fundraising is aligning the needs of the organization with the philanthropic goals of your donors. Yet, paying off debt is not often high on a donor’s list of projects they want to support.

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