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The Impact of Suggesting a Donation Amount

August 13, 2014

It is a well-worn and true cliché in the fundraising world that a primary reason many donors give is “because they were asked.” But when it comes to how you ask, the situation gets a bit murkier.

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Overcoming Resistance

August 07, 2014

This past year I read a book titled The War of Art – Break through the Blocks and Win your Inner Creative Battles.” I confess I am not one who reads many books that might be considered “self- help.” This one is different--- and worth a read. I was drawn to it by a respect for what the author has written before and so thought he might know what he was talking about. He does.

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Elements of a Successful Parent Fundraising Program

August 01, 2014

The other day I was reflecting on my past work with the parent constituency within a university setting. Parents are sometimes grouped into the “friends” or “other” category of donor giving, but their needs, interests, and relationships to the school are often different from alumni and they should be stewarded appropriately.

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Growth in Individual Giving Highlights Need for Major Gift Checkup

July 24, 2014

At JGA, we believe that research informs practice, and thus we work to put recent research into practice with our clients. Recently, we have been a part of the release of the latest Giving USA report.

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In Memoriam -- Kris Kindelsperger

July 15, 2014

All of us at JGA are deeply saddened by the sudden, unexpected death of our colleague and friend, Kris Kindelsperger, Senior Executive Consultant. Kris passed away at his home in Columbus, Indiana, on July 15.

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