Overcoming Resistance

Overcoming Resistance

August 07, 2014 by admin

This past year I read a book titled The War of Art – Break through the Blocks and Win your Inner Creative Battles.” I confess I am not one who reads many books that might be considered “self- help.” This one is different--- and worth a read. I was drawn to it by a respect for what the author has written before and so thought he might know what he was talking about. He does.

For those of us in nonprofit work – or any kind of work – we all face resistance to doing what we should be doing. Whether it’s doing that report, making those donor visits, asking someone for a gift, engaging a volunteer, and on and on.

Pressfield takes us along a journey into the world of resistance and how our own minds cause us to think it is ok to delay, procrastinate, and just avoid the most important stuff. He helps us think about what can be if we muster the resolution and courage to do what we need to do.

I’ve re-read the book again recently. The lessons are powerful and very helpful. Something like a “booster shot” for me to do what I can to overcome resistance and focus on the things that matter and which need to be tackled. Our worlds are full of those and we too often listen to that inner voice of resistance. “The War of Art” is a very, very helpful book.