Leading by Example

Leading by Example

February 11, 2014 by jga_admin

by Angela White


Ted Grossnickle received the Man of the Year award from the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men over the weekend for his dedication to the college as trustee, volunteer, mentor, and as co-chair of their most recent successful campaign. Ted was honored specifically for his significant contributions not only to Wabash College, but to the hundreds of nonprofit organizations he has guided over the years.


Ted truly sees his role in philanthropy as an opportunity to strengthen the field of philanthropy and empower nonprofits to make the world a better place.


He doesn’t feel being asked to donate or even asking others to donate is something to avoid, but rather something that should be embraced. It is through giving that we have the ability to create something better in which everyone can participate.


In a recent article in Wabash Magazine, Ted shares the impact that he sees occur frequently during donor discussions.


“We talk to people about their gift not so much in terms of its size or how they’re going to pay it, but rather what their gift will help to make happen. What will happen that, without that gift, would not. When people realize what their gift in concert with others will cause to occur, then they can be caught up in the joy of giving.”

It is that impact, that ability to share the “joy of giving,” that unites all of us in development and makes us love this profession. At JGA, we are honored this year to be celebrating our 20th anniversary and even more proud that our co-founder Ted has been recognized not only for what he has achieved here at JGA, but for his own dedication to giving back to the community and to the college he treasures.