Telling the Story of #WomenLeading Philanthropy

Telling the Story of #WomenLeading Philanthropy

January 15, 2014 by jga_admin

by Angela White


In the nonprofit sector, we’ve come to rely on the Women’s Philanthropy Institute for empirical data about gender differences in giving. Fundraisers use the research from the annual Women Give reports to make the case for developing special initiatives and advance their work with female donors.


Every three years, the Women’s Philanthropy Institute organizes a symposium related to issues in women’s philanthropy. Highly anticipated throughout the field, these events have sold out each year and 2014 promises to be another major contribution to deepening our understanding of women’s philanthropy.


Women have been trailblazers in philanthropy since the early 18th century, addressing and solving societal problems in the United States creatively and resourcefully. Yet, knowledge and awareness of their accomplishments – individually and collectively -- are limited.


#WomenLeading Philanthropy, April 2- 3, 2014 in Chicago, is about to change that!


Join a provocative conversation about how the philanthropic landscape has changed as a result of women’s increased engagement. Meet women and men who are asking the right questions about philanthropy, applying formulas that work, and developing the philanthropic leaders of today and tomorrow. With more than 25 presenters representing a cross section of the nonprofit and corporate sectors, the symposium offers an opportunity to step back and reflect on how the philanthropic landscape has changed as a result of women’s leadership.


In addition to showcasing the stories of powerful women leading in philanthropy, presenters will help attendees think about how to tell the story of women’s accomplishments as leaders in philanthropy in a more compelling way. Can a single tapestry be woven out of the disparate pieces of the women’s philanthropy story? Add your voice to the conversation in Chicago.




25+ inspiring leaders, one powerful story