Dare to Dream - and Learn - New Ideas in Philanthropy

Dare to Dream - and Learn - New Ideas in Philanthropy

May 14, 2012 by jga_admin

by Andy Canada

I had the honor last week of attending my second AHP Midwest Regional Conference. The conference held this year in Cincinnati, Ohio, brought together 120 healthcare development professionals from across the Midwest.

JGA was the overall conference sponsor and it was great to support this opportunity for professionals to gather, interact, and share ideas. We believe strongly that conferences like AHP are a vital part of our profession. It allows you to take a step back from your daily responsibilities and reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t, hear from your peers about their experiences and learn new ideas.

Angela joined recent JGA client Chris Molloy of the Bloomington Hospital Foundation as they shared lessons learned during a successful campaign to raise funds for Hospice House. Their presentation, Running a Successful Campaign in a Time of Economic Uncertainty, shared best practices from setting the stage to choosing the right volunteer and campaign partners that can help make a campaign a success even in the most trying circumstances.

The conference also offered the opportunity to recognize a truly memorable gift from the past year. Sidney and Lois Eskenazi were the recipients of the AHP Midwest Distinguished Philanthropist Award. The award presentation offered the opportunity to reflect back on their spectacular gift and it was great to be there and see the staff of the Eskenazi Health Foundation receive recognition for the wonderful work they do.

The Eskenazi’s had a dream to give back to the community they love and make an impact and the Wishard Hospital project allowed them to fulfill that dream. New programs can’t be launched, new buildings can’t be built if we all don’t dream big and work together to make the dreams become a reality.

It was a great lesson for everyone in the room and carried on the theme of the conference introduced in Kay Sprinkle Grace’s keynote address. Her comments and thought provoking discussion set the tone for an outstanding conference.

She asked everyone in the room to dream big with their organization and their donors and find connections to make the dreams come true. Kay got us to stop thinking about just “getting back to zero” when looking at the budget and the role of philanthropy and start dreaming about how to truly have an impact.

Budgets are tighter and there are countless things on all of our to-do lists but I would encourage all of you to find a conference or continuing education opportunity that interests you and make the time to go. We can all learn something new from our friends and colleagues in the development profession and these opportunities present a wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to openly discuss new ideas.