Leadership and the Future of Philanthropy

Leadership and the Future of Philanthropy

August 02, 2019 by Angela E. White, CFRE

We know that 2018 was a complex year for charitable giving – $427.71 billion total charitable giving in the US, the second highest level of giving ever. Yet in actuality, giving was essentially flat in 2018, coming off of a record-breaking 2017 and four years of consecutive growth. As giving mirrors economic fluctuations, the strong performance of economic indicators in 2018 helped drive growth, yet stock market volatility at the end of 2018 may have negatively impacted giving by individuals. Also, the uncertainty of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may have impacted individual giving as well.

Grossnickle Leading Philanthropy

With these complexities, how do we grow philanthropy in our nation? This has been a key leadership question at JGA over the 25 years of our work with nonprofit clients. We are committed to strengthening philanthropy through research and best practice – and by learning from our colleagues and friends in the industry. 

Perhaps the culmination of our commitment to growing philanthropy takes place this year – our 25th anniversary year – with the appointment of our Senior Consultant and Founder, Ted R. Grossnickle, CFRE, as the Chair of the Giving Institute.

The Giving Institute is the parent organization of the Giving USA Foundation, publisher of Giving USA: The Annual Report on Philanthropy. The Giving Institute is comprised of member consulting firms who embrace the core values of ethics, excellence, and leadership in advancing philanthropy.

In addition to this important role, Ted is also chairing a national conversation on how to grow philanthropy as a larger percentage of the GDP. In this role, Ted leads a working group of nationally recognized leaders in philanthropy whose work will result in the Generosity Commission, the first national exploration of philanthropy in America since the Filer Commission in the mid-1970s.

Ted’s commitment and leadership of both the Giving Institute and the launch of the Generosity Commission embody JGA’s commitment to research – to strengthen both our clients and the field of philanthropy overall while making the world a better place.

In our 25th anniversary year, we extend our commitment to you to share research and best practices as a part of our ongoing dedication to your mission and the great generosity of your donors.