Stop and smell the roses

Stop and smell the roses

July 15, 2009 by jga_admin

by Meg Gammage-Tucker

Some of you are old enough to remember Mac Davis and Doc Severinson’s song, “Stop and Smell the Roses. It began with:

Hey mister, where are you going in such a hurry? Don’t you think it’s time you realized there’s a whole lot more in life thank work and worry? All the sweetest things in life are free and they’re right before your eyes…

Being raised in small town Illinois, it was very easy to “stop and smell the roses…” sometimes that was all there was to do. All we wanted to do back then was grow up and get out. There were too many roses and too little to keep us interested or to keep us busy.

Well we did it, we got out. We got educated. We traveled. We moved to the big city. We accomplished a lot… And we got busy and busier and busier… And, pretty quickly, we stopped smelling the roses because there was simply no time.

It’s good to accomplish a lot with your life— to achieve your professional goals. But what is it worth if you aren’t enjoying your life? And, don’t you really lose your edge if you are so wrapped up in business that you don’t have perspective on what’s happening around you?

I often look at my family who stayed behind. I admit that sometimes I really envy them. They have made the commitment—whether by choice or simply location—to stop and smell the roses. They relax; they take pleasure in their visits with family and friends; they having time to think about life. They appreciate the world and beauty around them and don’t spend their weekends stressing over projects that aren’t done. They go for walks and bike rides, they fish and hunt, they play, they travel… And all with an idea that we are not at our best when we lose perspective.

If this reminds you to stop and think about your blessings, put a few things in perspective, and maybe be less stressed for a minute or two, it will have accomplished it purpose. We all need a break now and then…we all need to stop and smell the roses.