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The CARES Act and Your Donors: The Potential Impact on Giving

COVID-19: Historical Giving Data and What to Do Today

COVID-19: Philanthropy in a Changing Landscape

Leaving a Legacy – 3 practical implications for planned giving

Using Data to Focus Your Major Gift Efforts

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Leading for Change: Onboarding the next generation of nonprofit leaders

Giving USA 2019: Implications for Healthcare

Giving USA 2019: Implications for Higher Education

Maximizing Volunteer Engagement

Running a Campaign Today: What You Need to Know for Success

Leadership and the Future of Philanthropy

Giving USA Reports a Strong but Complex Year for 2018 Giving

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Are You Taking Advantage of Challenge Gifts in fundraising?

A Quarter-Century Empowering Nonprofits

Honoring a Leader in our Profession

Required Reading for Running a Campaign

Top 5 Things for Nonprofits to Know in 2019 About Tax Law Changes

Need to Expand Your Donor Base? Start from within and work outward

Giving USA 2018: Implications for Human Services Nonprofits

High Net Worth Donors Have Increased Giving Amounts Since 2015

How to Use Prospect Research in Your Major Gift Fundraising

Giving USA 2018:   Implications for Religion

Missed Connection: 6 common nonprofit communication failures

Giving USA 2018: Implications for Healthcare


Defining Campaign Success: Using a campaign to grow major gift donors

Giving USA 2018: Implications for Higher Ed

Getting the Most Out of Board Retreats: 7 Best Practices

Giving USA Reports U.S. Giving Tops $400 Billion in 2017

Giving Trends in America Highlight Need for National Conversation

How Women and Men Approach Impact Investing

Create a Development Plan to Guide your Fundraising Efforts

Establish a Plan Early for Counting Planned Gifts in a Campaign

New Research Shows Benefits of Diversity on Nonprofit Boards 

Good Stewardship is the Key to Donor Retention

Giving to Religion - A Leader in  Charitable Giving

Understanding the Tax Law Changes and the Implications for Charitable Giving

Help Donors Do More with Their Nest Egg – Tax-Free Charitable IRA Rollovers

Introducing “Generosity For Life” – How U.S. Philanthropy is Changing

Five Questions a Feasibility Study Should Answer

Important Considerations for Establishing Major Gift Metrics

Giving USA 2017: Implications for Healthcare

Giving USA 2017: Implications for Higher Education

Attracting and Retaining Good Fundraising Talent

Giving USA Indicates Growth in Philanthropy Across All Nonprofit Sectors

How Does Your Fundraising Measure Up? Improve Performance with a Development Audit

Teaching Our Children to Give: Passing Down Our Philanthropic Values to Gen Z

Developing Your Fundraising ‘Swing’: Lessons Learned from Rowing

Understanding Baby Boomer Donors and their Giving Preferences

Maximizing Major Gift Fundraising

Donor Data: 4 Strategies to Maximize Your Fundraising

3 Philanthropic Trends Driving Fundraising in 2017

Shifting Patterns in Giving Show Importance of Women Donors

Year-End Giving and the Election's Impact on Fundraising

Giving USA 2016: Fundraising Implications for Giving to Religion

High Net Worth Donors and Their Impact on Major Gift Fundraising

Fundraising Best Practice - The Magic of Vision as a Catalyst

Giving USA 2016 and the Implications for Healthcare Fundraising

Using Nonprofit Storytelling to Communicate Impact

Giving USA 2016 and the Implications for Higher Education Advancement

Women's Philanthropy: Creating a Connection Drives Giving to Women and Girls

Approach Donors Holistically: Integrate Planned and Major Gifts

7 Tips to Keep Momentum During a Capital Campaign

Identifying Major Gift Donors: 6 Prospect Research Data Types to Study

Building a Systematic Approach to Major Gifts Fundraising

Three Techniques for Converting Members to Donors

Giving USA 2016 Shows Stable Growth for Philanthropy Amidst Disruptions

Creating a Women’s Philanthropy Group Engages Women Donors

5 Key Steps for Capital Campaign Planning

Gen X Giving - Effective Fundraising Strategies for Gen X Donors

Taking the Fear Out of Board Fundraising with Board Training

3 Steps to Creating a Stronger Board Fundraising Culture

Gain Insight and Clarity with a Development Assessment

Women, Presidential Politics, and Philanthropy – the role of women donors and voters

Best Feasibility Study Questions to Generate Authentic Donor Feedback

Using Events for Donor Cultivation & Stewardship

Using Naming Rights in Fundraising

8 Philanthropy Trends to Watch in 2016

Permanent Charitable IRA Rollover a Great Planning Tool for Some Donors

Trends in Endowment Fundraising Campaigns: 5 Key Implications

Four Keys to An Effective Feasibility Study

Making Your Nonprofit Stand Out in an Attention Economy

Recent Capital Campaign Trends in Education

Engage and Celebrate Generosity on #GivingTuesday

8 Best Practices for Fundraising Campaign Success

Feasibility Study Best Practice: Enhance Your Study with Broader Input

Feasibility Study Best Practice - Appoint an Advisory Committee

JGA Adds Major and Planned Giving Expert to Team

The “Art” of the Donor Qualification Visit

Fundraising to Pay Off Nonprofit Debt

Donor-Advised Funds: What Nonprofits Should Know

Hiring a VP for Advancement? 8 early indicators for success

2 Crucial Elements Influence Capital Campaign Success

Is Your Development Operation Road-Worthy? Time to Assess

Record High US Charitable Giving Grows for Fifth Straight Year

Time for Boards to Tackle Nonprofit Leadership Transition Planning is Now

Developing the Next Gen of High-Net-Worth Donors

The President’s Role in a Campaign: 10 Key Responsibilities

Keys to a Master Fundraiser’s Success

Defining Greatness in Fundraising

5 Keys to Using Storytelling in Fundraising

Critical Role of Gift Policies

Motivations for Giving - A Personal Choice

3 Key Communication Elements Every Nonprofit Should Maximize

What Events CAN’T Do for Your Development Program

Developing Your Case for Support — Preparation is Everything!

Declining Alumni Giving: What’s happening? Why is it happening? And, what can we do about it?

Set New Employees Up to Succeed

Hot Trend for 2015 is to G-I-V-E

Impact of #GivingTuesday Spotlights Year-End Giving Growth

Past Donors: Gems Hiding in Plain Sight

Are You Ready for a Campaign Feasibility Study?

Happy New Year! Is Your Development Operation Ready for 2015?

Giving USA 2014: Implications for Higher Education

Role Play the Donor Relationship, Not Just the Ask

Have You Hugged Your Donors Lately? A Lesson in Stewardship from Dogs

Women Give 2014: The Latest Research on Women’s Philanthropic Giving Patterns

Charitable Registrations -- Are You In Compliance?

Solicitation Tips for Your Board

Importance of Grateful Patient Fundraising Programs

Useful Fundraising Metrics I Wish I Had Known Then

Generational Giving Preferences

Nonprofit Salary Report Provides Insight on Staff Retention Challenges

New Approach to Leadership Training

Critical Role of Unrestricted Giving

Importance of Financial Projections for Nonprofits

Recognizing One of the Very Best

3 Key Factors to Create a Culture of Philanthropy

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Mapping Your Organization's Future with a Strategic Plan

The Impact of Suggesting a Donation Amount

Overcoming Resistance

Elements of a Successful Parent Fundraising Program

Growth in Individual Giving Highlights Need for Major Gift Checkup

In Memoriam -- Kris Kindelsperger

Teaching, Preaching, and Modeling Faith and Giving

Preparing for Strategic Planning

Encouraging News in the Latest Giving USA Report

Why Are Good Gift Officers Hard to Find?

Asking: The Heart of Fundraising is Being Fearless

Top Philanthropic Trends

5 Tips for Conducting Feasibility Interviews

Is Your Nonprofit Investment-Worthy?

Vision and Leadership are Key to Advancing HOPE

3 Keys to Investment-Level Gifts

4 Keys to Engaging Women as Leaders and Donors

Asking: The Value of Questions

JGA Celebrates 20 Years Serving Philanthropy

Are You Investing Enough in Your Hospital Foundation?

Key Elements to a Successful Day of Giving Campaign

3 Keys to Successful Gift Solicitation

Getting Your Board Engaged Beyond Fundraising

CAE Reports Record Giving to Colleges and Universities in 2013

Using Wealth Screening as a Campaign Tool

Leading by Example

Engaging the Board in Fundraising

Are you Fundraising to Stay Alive or Fundraising for Sustainability?

Telling the Story of #WomenLeading Philanthropy

The Joy of Giving

Are You Million Dollar Ready?

The Art of Funding Science at Liberal Arts Schools

Using Student Organizations to Engage Younger Donors

Could your Facebook likes be costing you donations?

Lead Donors will Make or Break Your Campaign

Implement a Generational Fundraising Strategy

Generational Philanthropy

Art in Practice: The Feasibility Study Interview

The Role of HIPAA in Building a Grateful Patient Program

Here come the future donors!

Strong Stewardship is the Foundation of Effective Fundraising

3 Ways to Promote Your Nonprofit Cause on Twitter

Startling Drop in Alumni Giving

The Mechanics of a Feasibility Study

Fundraising for the Mundane

Lead Donors Are Crucial for Campaign Success

Taking Stock of Philanthropic Trends

Setting Your Development Staff Up for Success

The Overhead Myth

Giving Grows in 2012

Whistling in the Dark Before a Campaign

Listening to Donors

30 Years Ago . . .

Confessions of an Alumni Non-donor

Fundraising's Cart and Horse

The Ministry of Fundraising

Will "shaking up the development office curb turnover?"

Equipping Your Volunteers for Success

A Call for Sound Investment in Nonprofits

Are You Telling Your Story Effectively?

Getting Early Buy-In Crucial for Campaign Success

4 Questions You Need to Answer BEFORE a Feasibility Study

Steps to Build a Relationship-Focused Fundraising Program

Integrating Alumni and Development Requires Sincerity and Purpose

Are Feasibility Studies worth the time and expense?

Gifts to Colleges and Universities Increase Slightly in 2012

Trends for Women and Philanthropy in 2013

Understanding the Unbundling of Higher Education

Get Out of the Office and Go See Your Donors

Exploring a New Model of Donor Engagement

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 and the IRA Charitable Rollover

Resolution for a New Year

Benefits of a Strong Planned Giving Program

The Importance of Lead Gift Prospects

Giving Back: Inspirational Portrait of Philanthropy

A change in thought -- and paradigm

Do you have a button for that?

United in Philanthropy

The Influence of Philanthropy

Leveraging Special Events

Overhead and Mission Effectiveness: How are these themes connected?

Create a Habit of Giving Among Donors

Preview of Philanthropic Planning Conference

Huge #GivingTuesday Push Underway for Nonprofits

Building Brand Communities Can Drive Alumni Giving

Is Your Fundraising Strategy Producing Results?

Will the Election Impact Charitable Giving?

Study: Older Women More Charitable

Betty and The Importance of Women Leaving a Legacy

Bringing the Cause to Life for Donors

Making Time to Reflect Improves Results

Make Time to Build a Team Culture

Good Gift Policies = Good Nonprofit Practice

Continuing Ed Addresses Higher Ed Fundraising Challenges

Religious Giving Declines for Second Year

Slow Growth, But No Fundraising Landslide in Giving USA Report

Be Mobile, Succint, and Transparent - Millennials Tell Nonprofits

Dotting the i's and Crossing the t's of the Tax Law

Social Entrepreneurism Is Seldom a Cash Cow

Are You REALLY Ready to Create a Case for Support?

Words that Motivate Women to Give

Dare to Dream - and Learn - New Ideas in Philanthropy

Nonprofit Leadership Sea Change Requires New Skills

The Case Statement is Crucial for Fundraising Success

Getting the Right Help Starts with an Effective RFP

Donors Want Details About Nonprofit Donations

Slowdown in Post-Recession Giving to Health Care

The Value of Metrics are found in Measuring, Not Counting

The Giving Characteristics of High Net Worth Women

The Nonprofit Perspective on Millennials

Strategies for Cultivating Grateful Patient Gifts

Nonprofits Successfully Embrace Social Media

Chief Fundraising Role for Presidents Never Ends

Nonprofits Feel Increasing Pressure to Measure Effectiveness

2011: A Year Celebrating Philanthropy

4 Duties of Nonprofit Board Members

Fundraising Study Provides Some Positive News

Study Finds Nonprofit Managers Need More Financial Training

Thankful for Those Who Give

Celebrate National Philanthropy Day!

Using a Funding Plan to Support Capital Projects

Promoting the Contribution of Nonprofits to the Economy

Proposed Tax Changes Could Further Stress Nonprofits

Coherent or Incoherent: What word best describes your not-for-profit?

Make the Case for Advanced Development Training

Economic Uncertainty Creates Savvier Donors

Put a Stop to Donor Drain

A Good Development Officer is Hard to Find

Raising Philanthropists

JGA Expands Expertise With New Consultant

The Trustee’s Role in Fundraising

10 Insights into Women’s Philanthropy

Maintain Donor Relationships In Down Economy

2011 - 2012 Academic Year Fundraising Outlook

Need More Funds? Match Your Message to Your Audience

The Value of Reflection

Healthcare Philanthropy Sees Growth

Does Spending More on Fundraising Raise More?

Hosting a Planned Giving Society Event

MDS11 Broke New Ground and Rocked the Twittersphere

Last Chance to Register for MDS11

Which Campaign Model Works Best Now?

JGA’s New Leader is the Right Person at the Right Time

Effective Onboarding for Advancement Staff

Giving Circles Growing as Key Philanthropy Tool

Making the Case for Engaging Millennials…

Changing How People Think

How to Build Trust with Donors

Trust is Key Giving Motivator for Millennials

Putting Donors First

Fundraising: A Noble Profession

What’s in a Title?

Engaging Women in Philanthropy

You Haven’t Met Your Goal, Until You’ve Met Your Goal

Misperceptions about Religious Giving

Four Steps to Improve Your Nonprofit Blog

Will Tax Deal Fuel 2011 Giving?

Fostering Conversations with Major Donors

Philanthropy’s Role in an Era of Budget Cuts

Women Changing Lives through Philanthropy – and Celebrating an Anniversary!

More Insights on Millennial Donors Coming Soon

The P’s and Q’s of Development Work


The Annual Fund —The Foundation of Nonprofit Philanthropy

Is Funding for Building Projects Becoming Passé?

Charitable Giving – Which Causes Rank High for Women?

Recipe for Fundraising Success

Insight Into High Net Worth Giving

The Importance of Leading by Giving

20 Women and 1 big problem

5 ways to spot an “under-cultivated” prospect

Three Keys to Nonprofit Gift Solicitation

Why Nonprofits Can’t Afford to Ignore Women

Study on Engaging Millennial Donors Resonates

The Importance of Metrics for Non Profits

Brown M & M’s: Tasty Little Gems of Philanthropic Wisdom

Fundraising in Times of Uncertainty

Forging a Bond for Non Profit Leadership

JGA Grows with New Consultant

Doing Campaigns the Right Way

Donor Survey Provides Insights on Philanthropy

Affirmative Ideas and their Positive Impact

Forging a Strong Relationship between the CEO and CAO

A Double Dip for the Summer?

Managing to Repay Debt with Capital Funds

Philanthropy = The Love of Humankind

The “generosity pulse” in America – How is the patient in 2010?

Measure Twice, Cut Once

“Psychological Wealth” and Donor Giving

Tools for Donor Engagement

Engaging Millennial Donors

Generation Y in a Nutshell

Face the Facts

Are You in a "Hot Career"?

The Importance of Good Stewardship

The Results Are In!

Online Fundraising

Are We Underestimating Young Donors?

Reaching Young Donors

Engage Next-Generation Donors

Boards Aren't Always Wrong

The MacMillan Matrix

Delve into a Book on Giving

Using Your CEO Effectively in Fundraising

Vendor...or Partner?

A Look Ahead to Philanthropy in 2010

Capital campaigns—they are all about the money, right?

Tis' the Season

Parents, Pass the Philanthropic Torch

What Makes a Good City?

What is SWOT?

The Potential in Planned Giving

What do you want to be when you grow up?

National Strategic Thinking Month

A Time of Change

Giving in an Online World

Thinking About the Long Term

Why don’t (or can’t) we communicate?

Should we establish a fundraising foundation?

Schedule time to think

The Power of Conviction

A Hell of a Way to Run an HR Railroad

Are you lucky, or good?

What are you doing for us today?

Doing the “basics”

We’re not Hitting up People; We’re Inviting Investment!

In tough times, explore planned giving

Is it just the July weather?

Capital Campaigns and Sequential Fundraising

Cultivating and Soliciting in Uncertain Times

What if I ask for too much?

Risking it

Confessions of an email addict

Is 'calling-itus' hurting your development program?

Stop and smell the roses

Why plan? Because it works

Lose the ego and make the ask